• VirusTotal Old Format to Proposed Format Script

    by  • March 22, 2011 • Uncategorized

    I updated my last post with the response I got from VirusTotal. The short answer was that I needed to basically roll my own translation from the old format to my proposed format. Being that I want to make use of the results, I decided to modify malpdfobj tonight to handle my new VirusTotal output. In doing so I created a quick script if anyone is interested that will do the conversion. I also included the hashes for the file so it was more comprehensive (this is not in malpdfobj). 


    The output looks like the following:

    Those who have been using malpdfobj can also get the format along with the latest version of the tool on github. All changes and updates have been made and should be working fine. In the event that a report is not available there will be an error included in the object stating so.