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    by  • February 1, 2011 • Uncategorized

    I feel like I have dropped off the map to some degree with my lack of security posting, but it was with good reasoning. I have been busy cranking out a few quick apps and prototypes to release and some have taken longer then expected. I usually find that it is good to balance in-depth security research with something fun now and then to avoid getting burned out. Initially I contemplated posting these things on this blog, but at the end of the day 9b+ does both research and development. So over the past few weeks I have been working on the following things outside of my normal security scope:

    • Snappy Metro – mobile friendly version of real-time metro arrivals and departures in the DC area
    • Beer Me – Track unique beers for users, so you don’t drink the same beer twice
    • Wine Me – Same concept as the beer site above, but geared towards wine
    • Crowd Puzzle – Interactive real-time puzzle game inside your browser

    The applications themselves are a bit targeted, but they work nonetheless and I am sure people can find value in using them. The mobile metro site has already saved me from waiting on numerous occasions and I find it to be quite useful. My beer listing on beerme has gotten pretty long and now I can remember what is worth buying and what I should never drink again. I still need to release the wine version, but that will be coming shortly. Lastly, the puzzle site, which has taken most of the 2-3 weeks on and off will be released in private beta soon. I am still vetting out a few design decisions, but it is complete for the most part and I feel confident showing what I have. 

    For those who follow this blog strictly for security, I apologize for the more or less random post. I will be posting something relating to PDFs by the end of the day or tomorrow evening. I am going to be switching focuses back so stay tuned for some more interesting stuff. In the meantime, feel free to test my applications and try breaking them. I always like a good assessment, but please be gentle and avoid crashing anything if you can. In the event that you find something, please email me and I will fix it right away.