• PDF X-RAY Lite Created for REMnux Version 3

    by  • December 6, 2011 • Uncategorized

    A few weeks ago Lenny Zeltser announced that REMnux version 3 was in the works and that he was taking suggestions for tools to be included. One of the best aspects of REMnux is its size (~1GB) and vast amount of analysis tools. I realized that asking Lenny to install a database and several libraries into his VM was not the ideal solution, so I thought about how I could include the tool, but in a limited fashion. 

    What I wanted to provide to an analyst was the ability to visualize the PDF document structure since I could not store it in a database for querying. The best option I came up with was the ability to generate an HTML report using PDF X-RAY Lite. The output is simple, a little ugly, but useful. Below is a link to a sample report:


    Ideally I would like to have this lite version included into the main PDF X-RAY build, but for right now it will remain in its own Git repository. Usage is provided in the tool help and github page. This tool is also a good alternative if the live site (pdfxray.com) fails to analyze your file. Improvements and suggestions are always welcome.