• Gripes with the Security Community

    by  • December 1, 2010 • Uncategorized

    I know this is the first post (of many) and it should contain information, but it is a rant. I began working on a project that I will introduce in the next few postings and have taken notice of something within the security community. Sites that collect binary files for analysis tend to hold tight and reveal little about what has been collected, analyzed or discovered with their engines. Why? I can only assume they want/need to make a profit which I can agree with, but in the same token having that data viewable to everyone would bring so much benefit to everyone who cares about security.

    Of course one of my goals doing this sort of work is to make money, but I also want to contribute back and help make progress without forcing someone into a payment model. Expect to see research and tools released freely and open source. I can only hope that the information I give out benefits at least one person.