• Ending the iDefense Era

    by  • April 6, 2014 • Uncategorized

    Despite the job changes over the years, this blog has remained a constant place where I shared ideas and projects, so it’s only natural that a post like this would end up here. The title and the tweet from earlier this month are correct, tomorrow marks my last day and two year anniversary at iDefense. I wanted this post to serve as a summary of my experience working for such a great company with awesome people and my thoughts for the future.

    Two years ago, when I joined iDefense, I was fairly new to the targeted research spaces, but wanted to make an impact. My goals were simple — develop tools to produce better research and change how analysis is done. Not only that, I wanted to travel the world to meet the most important and influential aspect of our jobs, the people. People impacted by operations, people conducting operations, people waking up to do research and people wanting to just understand technology more. While most of my work hasn’t been public, I can take pride in knowing my goals were accomplished and that I view the world differently now.

    Without iDefense, both the people and the company, I would have never accomplished all I wanted and for that I must thank everyone (past and present) who were part of that effort. From meeting malicious code developers in China to writing code on the beach in Bali to teaching classes in Hong Kong to conducting counter operations in South Korea, iDefense allowed me to freely explore the world while also doing some of the coolest research I ever performed. As I leave the company for the last time, I can’t help, but be excited for what the future holds.

    People have asked me where I am going next and I tell them I’m not sure. In the past, I made a point to always have something solid before leaving, but this time I wanted the freedom to make a choice without any bias or pressure. I plan to remain in the threats world, but want to focus my efforts on the data side of the house. It’s clear to me that data science is the future, and like two years ago, I’d like to again be part of something fairly new to me with the goal of making an impact.